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1 week ago

Cotswold Airport

We need a name for the civil ceremony room inside our Boeing 747 plane where civil ceremonies take place. In a hotel you may have the 'Garden Room' or the 'Charter Suite' etc. But what would you call a room in a 747??? It must be formal and civilised as this is the room where the actual legal ceremony takes place, rather than the party afterwards.
The winning name will be announced on Thursday 19th October.
The winner will receive a tour of the Control Tower and lunch for two (excluding drinks) in our AV8 restaurant.
Enter by commenting on this post.
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“Baggage ReClaim” for second weddings ?

Planey Mc plane room

"The Departure Lounge" as there is no going back and you'll be departing from life as you know it! 🤣

The Cotswold 747 suite. To make it unique, in case other planes or airports are used in the future.

The Eclat Suite. Eclat, meaning brilliant, was the Red Arrows motto

The Wright room - wright brothers and hope you’ve got it right.

If it was an ex BA 747 how about the Speedbird Suite?

The pull here to inflate room.

The Crew Room. Where they all get it together!

Planey McPlaneFace

The Harvey Suite..... 😉

The 'Joe Sutter room' after the designer and engineer of the Boeing 747. Sadly passed away last year at the grand age of 95.

All ready done the tower and lunch and drink free landing for 2 years at 8 qid I could run that up 😅

Keep it simple 'The Flight Deck'

"The Classic Suite" , in memory of the name she became known as by all who flew her.

“Bon voyage” - meaning- used to express good wishes to someone about to set off on a journey 😃

Given Kemble's link with the Air Transport Auxiliary, why not the Helen Kerly room?

The Volante Suite - can't go wrong with the Italian word for Flying.

The mile high club reception?

Vista Suite. (a particular pleasing view from a very high place)

How about a legacy to Concorde calling it the Concorde suite

AMES (Air Ministry Experimental Station). Mine was at Kohima.....

Will there be other rooms inside the plane also?

The Diamond Nine Room or Diamond Suite.

Sky Flight...where deams are made of.

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1 week ago

Cotswold Airport

Don't miss out - tables are being booked up fast!

Two nights only - Christmas Party by the runway!Dec 8, 7:00pmAV8 RestaurantFabulous set menu and free entertainment by sensational cover band undisCOVERED - two nigths only in AV8 restaurant at Cotswold Airport, situated right next to the runway! Don't miss out - perfect for couples, groups and work parties! Call Angela on 0185 771188 to book. Spaces limited...
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Two nights only - Christmas Party by the runway!

1 week ago

Cotswold Airport

A glorious video of our vintage and wartime rally. Save the date for next year - the Cotswold Airport Revival Festival - 22 and 23 September! is "Cotswold Airport Open Day 2017" by Cotswold TV on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
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Video image

1 week ago

Cotswold Airport

Late afternoon visit from a Woca Woca. ... See MoreSee Less

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Also known, with very little affection by some of its passengers, as the "chin chuck".

Saw it come over the M4 very low!

Stuart Sansome

2 weeks ago

Cotswold Airport

Bob Parker & Tim Shepherd
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Bob Parker & Tim Shepherd

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Latest pics in from Photography by Yvette 🙂

Now that's a great selection of the event!!!! Just the thing to entice everyone to next year's Revival!!!

Thanks for putting up these pics of mine that I emailed you

Jenni Davis

2 weeks ago

Cotswold Airport

Full page in this week's Wilts and Glos Standard! 😀 ... See MoreSee Less

Full page in this weeks Wilts and Glos Standard! 😀

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Such a great fun day and good chilled vibes.... raised significant dosh for worthwhile charities so win all round 😬

Was an amazing day really enjoyed it... Thank you 😊

Brilliant. Can nearly see me 👀

I can see Julie Cooke and Lorraine Coakley !

2 weeks ago

Cotswold Airport

Bye for now Brownie - come and visit soon! 😘 ... See MoreSee Less

Bye for now Brownie - come and visit soon! 😘

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I'm Crying but also very happy for your new opportunity and adventure. All the best x

Will see you at Coventry soon

2 weeks ago

Cotswold Airport

Morning all, we have a busy flight line with visiting aircraft today and it will soon be graced by a North American P51D Mustang.

As ever, AV8 restaurant is the best viewing area, hopefully see you soon!
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P51 and a nice Stearman

My might just have to treat myself one day. Planes and food. What more could you want 😉

Do you have any planes arriving or leaving tomorrow?

How long is it staying? last time I went up I missed it.

When's the mustang 😀

Did a Monarch A320 come in?

Just going to depart

Eyes peeled Chris Mackie

Geoff Bowskill

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2 weeks ago

Cotswold Airport

We are delighted to make a very special announcement...our Control Tower and Boeing 747 are both going to be licensed for civil wedding ceremonies. We don't think that there is anywhere else in the world that people can get married in an operational Control Tower, nor on board a B747... ... See MoreSee Less

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I sent an email in a couple of weeks ago asking about more information on hiring it for the evening of my wedding but unfortunately I’ve had no response

As we said on Monday Jo, you gotta paint that wall on the tower now!! Lol..

I’d use the 747 and then claim to be a member of the “mile high club” without getting airborne.

That is just as good as a lighthouse.

Liberty Long instead of a birthday party in the plane u could get married instead haha x

Nick Howard conducting the wedding ceremonies??

You can have a hotel room in a 747 at Stockholm Airport not cheap though

David English, I have found your venue bud 😁

Sasha Clift too late to change venue ???

Awesome news what a unique place for a wedding get the blurb fone chill share Farrand widec

Now this would be different Hannah Louise Morgan xx

Brilliant idea, wow.

Outstanding 👍👍👍

Sophie Randall you're a plane girl! 🎉👍🏻


Fantastic 😀😀😀😀

Good place for you Judith Collinson and Paul Anthony Markey to tie the knot xxx

Yes Tom Hay

😂 look Laura Rachael & Neil Kipling !!!

Tom Hay

Flynn Jarvis BOOM

Mandy Howkins

Richard James Faller

James Taylor

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@JonnyRocksLTD @GlosAirport @CotswoldAirport If you ever need a bigger vehicle, we’d love to help! @GlosAirport @CotswoldAirport

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“We are chattin’” ©2017 @CotswoldAirport @CotswoldAllure @practphoto #people #portrait #cotswoldallure @CanonUKandIE @AP_Magazine

@CotswoldAirport I made a little video of your excellent open day. We are looking forward to next year! 🙂

Happy Monday folks - one from the archives.....


Our events team is looking for help with a wedding photo-shoot on Tuesday 24th October for the new...

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